S'mores Cookie

Gather 'round the virtual campfire and break out the ghost stories, because our new "Campfire S'mores" cookie is here to bring the outdoors to your taste buds! Imagine the crackling of a campfire, the laughter of friends, and the gooey goodness of marshmallows roasting on a stick. Now pack all that nostalgia into a single cookie. With a golden Oreo crumb twist, it's like your favorite campfire treat took a cozy cabin vacation in your mouth. Drizzled with chocolate stars and topped with mini marshmallow constellations, each bite will have you singing Kumbaya to your taste buds. So why wait for the weekend to get your campfire fix? Every day is a wilderness adventure with our "Campfire S'mores" cookie – no bug spray required!


flour, sugar, eggs, butter, golden Oreo crumbs, heavy cream, chocolate, marshmallow fluff, dehydrated marshmallows.

Cookies are frozen before they are shipped, in order to retain freshness during transit.

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